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Major multi-month projects


Contracted to provide Recovery Management Services on the Rena Shipwreck Project in 2012 – duration 6 months.
Roles involved the management of four tugs, a 6000 tonne barge, a 200 tonne crane and two dive teams.

Weir Removal

Contracted to remove a 55tonne sub-surface weir.
Duties included: - ‘Blowing’ away debris, using our modified jet boat to reach the target, using a thermic lance to break down the structure for manageable crane lifts.
Local conditions were taxing with water temperatures as low as 3 deg C and frequent snow falls necessitating the use of a hot water machine to improve productivity, remove diver stress and fatigue.

Internal Outfall Repairs

Contracted to assist with installation of pipe joint seals and to core drill and grout stabilise sections of a sewage outfall. Work entailed pipeline penetration of 180 metres in a contaminated environment.

Demolition Underwater Cutting

Contracted to ring-saw cut 42 x 600mm square concrete piles on a Slipway in Tauranga and to assist with removal of the cut structure.

Warf Demolition

Contracted to assist with demolition and pile recovery at Coronation Wharf in Tauranga.

Outfall Repairs

Contracted to assist with repairs to an outfall.
Duties performed onsite:- Thermic lance cutting, long pipe penetration dives to 180metres, underwater grouting, airlifting, drilling, jack-hammering and temporary outfall installation.

Install new screens

Contracted to assist with installing 10 new automated screen cleaners with base and side frames for a power station intake.
Duties performed onsite:- Extensive underwater concrete drilling, large steel structure alignment, hydraulic bolting and thermic lancing.

Outfall Repair

Contracted to assist with removing approximately 200 cubic metres of accumulated debris from inside an outfall. Diver penetration was 180 metres.


Contracted to clean out 15 years of accumulated debris from the Thames raw water holding pond. This required the construction of a purpose built 35 metre long dredge.

Bridge Construction

Contracted to assist with construction of a new Bridge at the Tapapakanga ARC park on the firth of Thames.
Duties included: - Pre-caste concrete installation, excavation, insitu grout pours, welding and installation of retaining walls.

Debris Removal & Intake Refurbishment

Contracted to clear away 6 metres of debris covering the scour valve at Cossys Dam in the Hunua ranges Auckland, then to install a new bell mouth intake structure. Debris was removed using modified jet boat producing one tonne of thrust.

Pipeline Installation

Contracted to install a 240 metre long x 710mm O.D HDPE deepwater transfer pipe, in the treatment ponds at the North Shore Treatment Plant. All performed in zero visibility with full ‘contaminated environment’ diving equipment


Contracted to remove debris from the derelict Vessel ‘Otago’, place demolition charges and scuttle in 1000 metres of water.

Cable Burial

Contracted to Telecom to lay and bury the Southern Cross telecommunication tie cable in the upper Waitemata Harbour.

Wave screen panel replacement

Contracted to replace 75 x 12 tonne concrete wave screen panels around the periphery of the America’s Cup 2000 development in Auckland

Diamond Core Drilling & Grouting

Subcontracted to assist in diamond core drilling and grouting 40 x 50mm x 1000mm deep tendon anchors to hold down a subsurface 70 tonne weir wall.

Underwater Welding, Cutting, Piling & General Construction

Subcontracted to replace 75 metres of demolished slipway and to repair 25 metres of existing slipway in Noumea, New Caledonia.
Work consisted of replacing 50% of the existing steel piles, extensive underwater welding and cutting, concreting, anode installation and alignment of the total structure to a 5mm tolerance in four elevations.
Total job consumed in excess of 4000 underwater welding electrodes and 2000 underwater cutting electrodes.

Pipeline Refurbishment

Refurbishment of the existing North Shore City Outfall by underpinning the free standing anchor blocks using a purpose built underwater drilling rig to drill 50 x 350mm diameter pile holes in rock in three phases spanning 6 months

Installation of Radial Gates

Contracted to install four x ten tonne radial gates and associated support beams and columns at a Power Station in two phases spanning 8 months.
Work involved installing 6 two tonne pre-caste piles, four twelve tonne pre-caste beams, four ten tonne radial gates and sixteen one tonne baffle blocks all to a two millimetre tolerance level. Additional tasks were diamond core
Duties included: - Pre-caste concrete installation, excavation, insitu grout pours, welding and installation of retaining walls.

Underwater Cutting & Welding

Undertaken on vessels MV Washington and MV Han Tao He. Subcontracted in Tauranga and MT Mauganui. Scope of work included cutting away five tonnes of collision damaged hull plating, sealing up water tight bulkheads, tremie pouring concrete to reinforce the bow section, underwater Ram setting securing studs and fitting pre-formed steel patches weighing up to six tonnes.

Pre-Caste Panel Installation

Subcontracted to install 156 x 6 tonne panels for the Whitbread Berthing area in the Western Viaduct in Auckland. The scope of work included the use of underwater epoxy, underwater Ramset tools, steel shuttering and tremie pumping concrete.

Cable Burial

Contracted to Telecom to lay and bury the Tasman 2 / Pacrimeast Tie Cable in the upper Waitemata Harbour and to bury the Pacrimeast Cable off Takapuna Beach in Auckland along with1000 metres of the Pacrimeast Earth Cable.

Demolition Bridge Decking & Pile Removal

Contracted to assist in the removal of the Wairoa road bridge in the town of Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, after cyclone Bola. The bridge was cut into manageable sections using a thermic Lance. Visibility was nil, with approximately 800 tonnes of steel and concrete removed.

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